Monday, June 27, 2011

Collection Spotlight: DINO-RAMA!

I have lots of ideas. I have them all the time. Most of them come when I'm supposed to be doing somthing else (like my "real" job) and I can't help them. I look very impressive at work: I carry a large bag full of papers, I *must* be important, right? WRONG! My large bag full of papers is pretty much just napkins, post-it notes, scrap paper, and my signature copy paper folded in half, hamburger-way of course, full of color names, character themes, banner sayings, pricing, new products to try out....not too important to the world of banking! 

Out of ALL of these ideas came my very first "theme"...which was really I have so many ideas I need to just pick one already! While searching birthday banners on etsy I noticed that there was a TON of items for girls but not too much for boys...that's where DINO RAMA was born! Here are the cast of characters:

The first item that I made was a birthday banner

It came out so much bigger than I thought that it would, 85" holy smokes! The current versions of my birthday banners are still quite large and measure in at approx 77"! Here are some close ups:

And what would make a DINO RAMA Birthday party better than cupcakes?
Or confetti?

I love the bright colors of this collection, it is really perfect for that little boy who loves dinosaurs! All of the dinos are made with sparkle paper so they are extra delicious! I also want to add that my customers are so awesome....I did this is blue, yellow and red for someone and it turned out awesome!I love making custom creations for people so they get exactly what they are looking for!!  I just wish that I had pictures of it! Live and learn I guess! So there is a quick look at my very first theme for Delicious Paper Design!

Check back soon for a blog about custom designs!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Post!

Hi everyone welcome to the Delicious Paper Design blog! This is the official first post of my very first blog and I'm so excited to bring you all on my Delicious journey! I believe that everything in life can be delicious...even paper!

The goal of this blog is to share tips on papercrafts, scrapbooking and other general goodies that are all things Delicious. I started my etsy shop in November knowing that I needed a creative outlet and not much else. Since then I have evolved my shop into birthday banners, cupcake toppers and all things handmade for whatever your party may need! 

I love working with clients and coming up with new designs and some of my favorite items in my shop came from the awesome ideas of my clients! I hope to inspire you to follow your own creative passion and maybe teach you a few things along the way!

Before I go I want give a big BIG thank you to Kelly at Kelly Designs for all of the help and support, and of course the awesome blog design! You are so inspiring :)

Coming soon....a post on my first Birthday package design ever! I'll give you a hint: some of them are herbivores and some of them are carnivores! RawR!